Tuesday, July 7, 2009

League Leaders

  • Wilbur Booker is proving that catchers can do more than just catch the pitchers. With a batting average of .387 and a an on base percentage of .498 San Diego is definately smiling now over the contract extension they gave to Booker. They will have a top notch hitting catcher for seasons to come.
  • Karim Cortez, outfielder, has a batting average of .377 and has already signed a contract extension with Chicago Bruisers for three more years after this current season. Being just twenty-four years old, keep note of his name, he is shaping up to be a great ball player.
  • Terry Williams is rounding up the top three, with a batting average of .376, also impressive is the twenty-six home runs he has hit in just fifty-one games. If he continues performing at this pace, Arizona will have no choice but to extend his contract over a few more years.
  • Miguel Estrella is the first pitcher to reach eight wins this year. Baltimore has to be pleased with his performance thus far, and hopefully they will be able to keep him after the end of this season. Estrella has great numbers in all pitching categories, it should be exciting to see how they look at the end of the season.
  • Darwin Presley was drafted tenth by Milwaukee in season three, and he has been terrific for the franchise. He is on pace to overpass his career nineteen wins he had two years ago. Milwaukee is looking at Presley to carry over his season performances into the playoffs where they are still looking for that elusive 'World Series' title.
  • Zach Bones is dominating hitters as his done his entire career. After signing a huge five year contract, Boston is seeing early dividends, by having Bones posting a league best OAV and WHIP. Bones has been spectacular, only a idiot will ever trade him (yours truly) winning the 'Cy Young' award five times. The sky is the limit for this great pitcher.

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