Friday, July 3, 2009

Amateur Draft Approaching

Only seven more days remain before the exciting and sometimes nerve-racking 'Amateur Draft'. This is where investing a lot in scouting will pay dividends. Having a great draft, will set up your franchise for the long run or allow you to make trades to improve your franchise. Top five Drafting Order:
  • Cincinnati will start show for the second straight year. They will try to find that long awaited franchise player.
  • New Orleans will draft in the top five only for the second time in their history.
  • Buffalo will probably try to continue their trend of drafting pitchers with their first round pick.
  • Chicago Prime with a strong start of the season, will try getting someone that will be ready to step up in the near future.
  • Pittsburgh is drafting in the top five for the third straight season. They will be eager to add on to their young prospects already in their system.
Stay tuned to find out how the Draft will unfold...

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