Friday, September 25, 2009

Owners Hall of Fame

This year it will a choice between two owners that have faced each other numerous times in the World Series. It will be either pubs the owner of Monterrey Cheese or lfkbibanul the owner of Detroit FC Dinamo. It will be a tough choice to make, should be interesting to see what happens.

Monterrey Cheese has made it to the World Series Finals six years out of their eight year history which is impressive. More outstanding is the fact they have won four World Series titles plus eight division titles. This season they are slow out of the gate but never count them out.

Detroit FC Dinamo has made it to the World Series Finals six years out of their ten year history. They have won four World Series titles and have ten straight division titles. An eleventh division title is in question with the slow start they have had in the current season.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

World Series

Detroit FC Dinamo captures the World Series title just when everyone including their manager thought they were done and out. Game 7 was an amazing affair with multiple lead changes and the game could've easily be won by Monterrey.
Congratulations to the Monterrey Cheese for yet another sensational season.

Let's see who will be the next Champion as next season is just around the corner. Will it be a repeat or a new Champion?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Playoff Action

Round Three

American League

Augusta vs Detroit. Augusta dominated the season series winning seven of ten games.

National League

Los Angeles vs Monterrey. Monterrey dominated the season series winning eight of ten games.

Round Two

American League

Augusta vs Baltimore. Augusta won the season series 6-4.
Toronto vs Detroit. Season series was 5-5.

National League

San Diego vs Monterrey. Monterrey won the season series 7-3.
Los Angeles vs Colorado. Season series was 5-5.

Round One

American League

El Paso vs Augusta. Season series was 5-5.
Arizona vs Toronto. Arizona won the season series 7-3.

National League

Tampa Bay vs San Diego. Season series was 5-5.
Milwaukee vs Los Angeles. LA won the season series 6-4.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Playoff Races

American League

There are close races for Division Titles plus the two 'Wild Card' spots.

is facing a determined Toronto team that can't be put away. Toronto is just four and a half games behind, so definitely can catch Detroit before the season ends. Baltimore and El Paso are projected to win their respective divisions. Arizona and Seattle are fighting it out until the very end, just three games difference between them. For the 'Wild Card' there are three teams fighting for the two spots available, any of Augusta, Philadelphia or Toronto could grab those desired playoffs spots.

National League

There is only one Division Title in question in the National League, and three teams fighting for the 'Wild Card' spots.

Monterrey, Tampa Bay and Milwaukee have secure their Division Titles and have started to prepare for the playoffs. San Diego, Colorado, and Los Angeles are neck in neck duelling for the Division Title. Colorado, Los Angeles and Helena are fighting for the two 'Wild Card' spots, and the interesting thing is that they are all in the same division. We will wait and see who survives the last part of the gruelling baseball season.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Power Rankings

Rank Teams Current Record Past Ten Home Record Away Record

1___Monterrey ____ 75-30________8-2_______39-16______ 36-14
2___Baltimore_____ 70-34________5-5_______33-18______ 37-16
3___Milwaukee____ 64-41_______ 6-4_______32-19_______ 32-22
4___San Diego_____ 63-41______6-4_______ 33-24________ 30-17
5___Detroit_______ 63-41_______ 4-6______ 32-18________ 31-23
6___Augusta______ 61-43______ 8-2_______ 24-24________ 37-19
7___Seattle ______ 60-44 ______ 3-7 ______ 28-22 ________ 32-22
8 __ Arizona ______ 60-44 ______ 7-3 ______ 28-18 _______ 32-26
9 __ Colorado _____ 60-44 ______ 7-3 ______ 29-21________ 31-23
10 _ Philadelphia ___ 59-45 ______ 5-5 ______ 25-26 _______ 34-19
11 _ Toronto______ 59-45 ______ 7-3 ______ 27-23 ________ 32-22
12__ Los Angeles ___59-46 ______ 6-4 ______ 32-23________ 27-23
13__ Chicago B. ____ 57-48 ______ 8-2 ______ 32-23 _______ 25-25
14__ El Paso ______ 56-49 ______ 3-7______ 33-22 ________ 23-27
15__ Tampa ______55-49 ______ 5-5 ______ 26-25________ 29-24
16__ Helena ______ 53-51 ______ 3-7 ______ 24-22 ________ 29-29
17__ Richmond ____ 53-52 ______ 2-8 ______ 28-27 ________ 25-25
18__ Florida ______ 53-52 ______ 6-4 ______ 26-28________ 27-24
19__ San Jose _____ 52-53 _____ 6-4 ______ 25-30 _________ 27-23
20__ Houston _____ 51-54 ______ 7-3 ______ 31-24 ________ 20-30
21__ Boston ______ 49-55 ______ 6-4 ______ 24-27 ________ 25-28
22__ New Orleans __ 47-58 ______ 7-3 ______ 24-31 ________ 23-27
23__ Oklahoma ____ 45-60 ______ 3-7 ______ 24-29 ________ 21-31
24__ Durham ______44-61 ______ 4-6 ______ 21-34 ________ 23-27
25__ Washington ___ 43-62 ______ 5-5 _______23-31________ 20-31
26__ Cincinnati_____ 42-62 ______ 2-8 ______ 24-26 ________ 18-36
27__ Pittsburgh ____ 42-62 ______ 6-4 ______ 24-26_________ 18-36
28__ New York ____ 41-63 ______ 4-6 ______ 18-30 _________ 23-33
29__ Chicago P. ____ 40-65 ______ 4-6 ______ 20-35 ________ 20-30
30__ Jacksonville ___ 37-68 ______ 4-6 ______ 18-35________ 19-33
31__ Buffalo _______ 33-72 ______ 2-8 ______ 20-31 ________ 13-41
32___Honolulu _____ 26-78______ 3-7 ______ 10-47 _________16-31

Biggest Movement Going Up: Toronto, Los Angeles, Arizona, Colorado and Augusta.

Biggest Movement Going Down: El Paso, Oklahoma, Tampa, Boston and Durham.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Owners Hall of Fame

First two inductees into the "Owners Hall of Fame" will be av84aal and averyk73. Congratulations to both owners for their dedication and perseverance.

Av84aal has managed the 'Los Angeles Blue Knights' to nine division titles, three National League Titles and three World Series appearances. Also impressive is the fact that he has posted over one hundred wins seasons nine times. It's just a matter of time until that elusive World Series Title finds its way in av84aal's hands.

Averyk73 has managed the 'Augusta Vacationers' to nine Division Titles, three American League Titles, three World Series appearances and one World Series Title. He has a streak of nine Division Titles in a row, and fighting hard this current season to make it ten straight.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Amateur Draft Recap

1. Cincinnati. Shayne Blair. Look for him to be an every day major leaguer in two seasons. His defense makes him able to play any position except catcher.

2. New Orleans. Jeff Brow. Elite pitcher in the draft, projected to make it to the big league in two seasons. He will definitely be a headache for all the hitters facing him.

3. Buffalo. Charles Humphries. Solid pitcher who is projected to make it to the major league in three seasons. He needs to hit the weight room and stay away from any extra curriculum activities outside of baseball, you can never be too careful with injuries.

4. Chicago Prime. Randy Benes. Elite pitcher in the draft, probably make it to the majors in two to three years. Great player to build your franchise around.

5. Pittsburgh. Dave Strange. He will be a great hitter, most likely will take four seasons to get to the majors. A great batter to build your franchise around.

6. Jacksonville. Sam Adams. He will get to pitch in the majors within two years. He should prove very valuable, and definately a workhorse with his great stamina.

7. El Paso. Charles Griffin. Solid hitter, will be making his start in the league withing four years. With his great defence, only catcher and short stop are positions he should stay away from.

8. Oklahoma. Harry Whitaker. Solid pitcher, will definately be a franchise player for Oklahoma. Four seasons in the minors should set him up for a long career in the major league.

9. Boston. Osvaldo Alfonseca. Strong starting pitcher if he decides to sign with Boston.

10. New York. Bruce Costello. If he can manage to stay healthy he should be a key part of the pitching rotation. Projected to make it to the majors in four to five seasons.

11. Durham. Chris Sherman. In a draft dominated by pitchers, this outfielder should be a great player. Projected to make it to the big show in three to four seasons.

12. Tampa Bay. Steve Rogers. Tampa probably practices some sort of magic, getting this elite pitcher with the twelfth choice. Projected to reach the majors in four to five seasons.

13. Chicago Bruisers. Louis Scanlan. This speedster might make it to the major league in four to five years. Look for him to be at the top in stolen bases when he does.

14. Florida. Geoffery Fox. Great pick if he manages to stay healthy. Should be a key part of the pitching rotation withing three years.

15. Philadelphia. Jacob Cobb. Should become a good starting pitcher within four years. Great late pick.

16.Baltimore. Jacob O'Rourke. Best choice for a short stop from this year's amateur draft. Great defensive skills, should make it to the majors within five years.

17. Washington. Markus White. Yet another pitcher selected in this year's draft, he has great potential. He should make it to the big leagues in four to five years.

18. Helena. Darron Franco. A franchise player picked in the middle of the draft you don't see too often. Great pick, Franco should showcase his skills in the major league within five years.

19. Arizona. Zephyr McDonald. Should be interesting to see if he decides to sign, early reports don't look too good for Arizona. If he was to sign he would be a great addition, and would make it to the majors within three years.

20. Houston. Benny Johnson. He might have some control problems, he might have a hard road ahead to make it to the major league. It will take four to five years, hope to see him in the big league.

21. Durham. Roger Graves. He, like Johnson might have a tough time getting to the big league due to his control problems. Will see how he progresses in his career four to five years from now.

22. Chicago Bruisers. Yorvit Gonzalez. Should be a great addition to the ball club, will be a big part of the starting rotation within five years. Great pick so late in the draft.

23. San Jose. Terrence Walker. Should become a good dependable third basement within five years. The first third basement picked in the draft.

24. Honolulu. Footsie Clark. Great defensive skills and a dependable bat, should make him an every day player within five years.

25. Richmond. Darryl Holmes. Should become a good dependable hitter, projected to make it to the majors within five years.

26. Milwaukee. Jesus Arias. Great pick, so late in the draft it's like winning the lottery. Should be a big part of the major league team pitching rotation within three years.

27. Colorado. Alex Pineiro. Great power hitter, perfect fit for Colorado. Look for him to be in a few home run derbys, within four years.

28. Detroit. Jerome Gunderson. This year draft has offered a lot of pitchers with great potential. Should be a great addition to the pitching staff withing four years.

29. Los Angeles. Placido Almonte. Great late pick, with a lot of potential in the power hitting department. Also, great defensive skills, should be a great player within four years.

30. New Orleans. Gaylord Coleman. Already securing a top notch pitcher in Brow, now New Orleans just got themselves a closer. We should see his skills in play in the major league within four years.

31. San Diego. Alvin Ramirez. Should become a dependable defensive outfielder. Might have a tough time with his batting, but will see how he does four years from now.

32. Monterrey. Blake Broome. Decent prospect, will have a tough time getting into that stacked line-up. Will see how he does four year from now.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

League Leaders

  • Wilbur Booker is proving that catchers can do more than just catch the pitchers. With a batting average of .387 and a an on base percentage of .498 San Diego is definately smiling now over the contract extension they gave to Booker. They will have a top notch hitting catcher for seasons to come.
  • Karim Cortez, outfielder, has a batting average of .377 and has already signed a contract extension with Chicago Bruisers for three more years after this current season. Being just twenty-four years old, keep note of his name, he is shaping up to be a great ball player.
  • Terry Williams is rounding up the top three, with a batting average of .376, also impressive is the twenty-six home runs he has hit in just fifty-one games. If he continues performing at this pace, Arizona will have no choice but to extend his contract over a few more years.
  • Miguel Estrella is the first pitcher to reach eight wins this year. Baltimore has to be pleased with his performance thus far, and hopefully they will be able to keep him after the end of this season. Estrella has great numbers in all pitching categories, it should be exciting to see how they look at the end of the season.
  • Darwin Presley was drafted tenth by Milwaukee in season three, and he has been terrific for the franchise. He is on pace to overpass his career nineteen wins he had two years ago. Milwaukee is looking at Presley to carry over his season performances into the playoffs where they are still looking for that elusive 'World Series' title.
  • Zach Bones is dominating hitters as his done his entire career. After signing a huge five year contract, Boston is seeing early dividends, by having Bones posting a league best OAV and WHIP. Bones has been spectacular, only a idiot will ever trade him (yours truly) winning the 'Cy Young' award five times. The sky is the limit for this great pitcher.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Amateur Draft Approaching

Only seven more days remain before the exciting and sometimes nerve-racking 'Amateur Draft'. This is where investing a lot in scouting will pay dividends. Having a great draft, will set up your franchise for the long run or allow you to make trades to improve your franchise. Top five Drafting Order:
  • Cincinnati will start show for the second straight year. They will try to find that long awaited franchise player.
  • New Orleans will draft in the top five only for the second time in their history.
  • Buffalo will probably try to continue their trend of drafting pitchers with their first round pick.
  • Chicago Prime with a strong start of the season, will try getting someone that will be ready to step up in the near future.
  • Pittsburgh is drafting in the top five for the third straight season. They will be eager to add on to their young prospects already in their system.
Stay tuned to find out how the Draft will unfold...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Power Rankings

Rank Teams Current Record Past Ten Home Record Away Record

1___San Diego____ 21-7________7-3_______10-2_________11-5
2___El Paso______ 21-7________9-1_______13-2_________ 8-5
3___Monterrey____20-8_______ 7-3_______14-5_________ 6-3
4___Baltimore_____20-9_______ 5-5_______ 6-4________ 14-5
5___Milwaukee____ 19-9_______ 6-4______ 12-4_________ 7-5
6___Detroit______ 18-10______ 6-4_______ 9-4__________9-6
7___Seattle ______ 18-10 ______ 7-3 ______ 10-3 _________ 8-7
8 __ Tampa Bay ___ 18-10 ______ 5-5 ______ 9-6 _________ 9-4
9 __ Chicago B. ____ 17-12 ______ 5-5 ______ 9-7 _________ 8-5
10 _ Philadelphia ___ 16-12 ______ 8-2 ______ 7-8 _________ 9-4
11 _ Oklahoma ____ 15-13 ______ 7-3 ______ 9-3 _________ 6-10
12__ Boston ______ 15-14 ______ 3-7 ______ 5-5 _________ 10-9
13__ Augusta _____ 15-14 ______ 7-3 ______ 6-10 _________ 9-4
14__ Florida ______ 14-14 ______ 6-4 ______ 5-10 _________ 9-4
15__ Helena _______14-14 ______ 5-5 ______ 6-6 _________ 8-8
16__ Durham _____ 14-14 ______ 4-6 ______ 9-10 _________ 5-4
17__ Colorado _____ 14-14 ______ 6-4 _______ 6-7 _________ 8-7
18__ Houston ______ 13-15 ______ 7-3 ______ 8-7 _________ 5-8
19__ Richmond _____ 13-15 _____ 4-6 ______ 6-7 _________ 7-8
20__ Arizona ______ 13-15 ______ 2-8 ______ 8-4 _________ 5-11
21__ San Jose ______ 13-16 ______ 2-8 ______ 7-9 _________ 6-7
22__ Chicago Prime __ 13-16 ______ 5-5 ______ 7-9 _________ 6-7
23__ New Orleans ___ 12-16 ______ 4-6 ______ 6-7 _________ 6-9
24__ Toronto ______ 12-16 ______ 4-6 ______ 3-10 _________ 9-6
25__ Los Angeles ___ 12-17 ______ 3-7 ______ 8-8 _________ 4-9
26__ New York_____ 12-17 ______ 5-5 ______ 6-10 _________ 6-7
27__ Cincinnati _____ 10-18 ______ 2-8 ______ 7-6 _________ 3-12
28__ Jacksonville ___ 10-18 ______ 2-8 ______ 4-8 _________ 6-10
29__ Washington ____ 9-19 ______ 3-7 ______ 6-9 _________ 3-10
30__ Pittsburgh _____ 8-20 ______ 3-7 ______ 4-9 _________ 4-11
31__ Buffalo _______ 8-20 ______ 4-6 ______ 6-10 _________ 2-10
32___Honolulu ______ 5-23 _____ 3-7 ______ 0-12 _________ 5-11

Pleasant Surprises:
  • San Diego has been impressive this start of the season posting an NL best eleven wins on the road , and their home record of ten wins and two losses can't be overlooked. Main reason for their success is due to the extremely efficient pitching staff. Top performers for them thus far: Paul Veras, Monte Connely and veteran Nash Hyers
  • El Paso has been on a tear in the last ten games, winning nine out of the ten games played. They hold the best home record in the American League, with thirteen wins and only two losses. Top performers for El Paso: Tony Mays, Fred Grahe and Pedro Lee.
  • Baltimore has the best road record in the entire league, with fourteen wins and only five losses. They are trying to win their division for the first time since their inception in the league. Top performers for Baltimore: Miguel James, Miguel Estrella and Willie Rios.

Unpleasant Surprises:
  • Honolulu is the only team not to record a home win thus far. After a second place finish in the division last season, this current season is already looking pretty bleak. Major changes need to be taken in order to salvage some pride for the franchise.
  • Washington is in uncharted territories after winning their division last year. They definitely have to improve the road record which currently sits at three wins and ten losses. Having great ownership, it's just a matter of time until things settle down in Washington.
  • Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, San Jose, Augusta, Richmond and Arizona are teams that have a slow start to the current season. It's not quite time to press the panic button, they are a winning streak away of positioning themselves back in the playoff picture.
Honorable Mentions:
  • Monterrey, Detroit, Milwaukee and Seattle have been consistent throughout the season.
  • Chicago Bruisers, Oklahoma, Boston, Tampa Bay and Philadelphia have made huge strides since the previous season.
  • Florida, Durham, Helena, Colorado and Houston are teams that are in the middle pack at the moment. It will be interesting to see in what direction each team goes on the next edition of the Power Rankings.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gehringer Owners Hall of Fame

Owners will get to vote who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. To start things off, there will be two owners inducted into the Hall of Fame. There will be one owner from each conference, and also they had to be in the league from the start. I think all of them deserve a lot of appreciation since they have been in this league from the beginning. Voting will be tallied before the all star break.

Nominees for the American League are:
  • sdjessie ( Toronto Thoroughbreds)
  • swindy10 (Philadelphia Phightins)
  • averyk73 (Augusta Vacationers)
  • bingles (Arizona Painted Rocks)
Nominees for the National League are:
  • urbanwarrior (New York Mets)
  • PBOYS (Tampa Bay YANKEES)
  • JethroeG (Washington D.C. Lawmakers)
  • TAVoorhees (San Diego Land Sharks)
  • av84aal ( LA Blue Knights)

Congratulations To Monterrey Cheese

The Monterrey Cheese continue to be a dominant force winning their third straight title. Pubs has managed to be almost unstoppable since his emergence in the league. He has won four world series, seven division titles, five national league titles and has an astonishing streak of seven straight years with over 100 wins.