Sunday, August 30, 2009

World Series

Detroit FC Dinamo captures the World Series title just when everyone including their manager thought they were done and out. Game 7 was an amazing affair with multiple lead changes and the game could've easily be won by Monterrey.
Congratulations to the Monterrey Cheese for yet another sensational season.

Let's see who will be the next Champion as next season is just around the corner. Will it be a repeat or a new Champion?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Playoff Action

Round Three

American League

Augusta vs Detroit. Augusta dominated the season series winning seven of ten games.

National League

Los Angeles vs Monterrey. Monterrey dominated the season series winning eight of ten games.

Round Two

American League

Augusta vs Baltimore. Augusta won the season series 6-4.
Toronto vs Detroit. Season series was 5-5.

National League

San Diego vs Monterrey. Monterrey won the season series 7-3.
Los Angeles vs Colorado. Season series was 5-5.

Round One

American League

El Paso vs Augusta. Season series was 5-5.
Arizona vs Toronto. Arizona won the season series 7-3.

National League

Tampa Bay vs San Diego. Season series was 5-5.
Milwaukee vs Los Angeles. LA won the season series 6-4.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Playoff Races

American League

There are close races for Division Titles plus the two 'Wild Card' spots.

is facing a determined Toronto team that can't be put away. Toronto is just four and a half games behind, so definitely can catch Detroit before the season ends. Baltimore and El Paso are projected to win their respective divisions. Arizona and Seattle are fighting it out until the very end, just three games difference between them. For the 'Wild Card' there are three teams fighting for the two spots available, any of Augusta, Philadelphia or Toronto could grab those desired playoffs spots.

National League

There is only one Division Title in question in the National League, and three teams fighting for the 'Wild Card' spots.

Monterrey, Tampa Bay and Milwaukee have secure their Division Titles and have started to prepare for the playoffs. San Diego, Colorado, and Los Angeles are neck in neck duelling for the Division Title. Colorado, Los Angeles and Helena are fighting for the two 'Wild Card' spots, and the interesting thing is that they are all in the same division. We will wait and see who survives the last part of the gruelling baseball season.